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the iraq war came true. the next criticism of chuck hagel is that he won't support israel enough. he has referred to a jewish lobby in washington. but today the anti-defamation league said that it would support him. still the issue reportedly does have the white house concern, and according to cnn the white house has reached out to jewish groups for their support. and then on gay rights. hagel called james hormel aggressively gay. he has renounced those words, but now a future senator who is obviously a leading advocate he told the "boston globe," quote . . . >> jennifer: so joining me now to discuss all of the president's cabinet appoints is michael o'hanlon of the brookings institute. welcome back inside "the war room." really appreciate it. >> thank you governor nice to be with you. >> jennifer: great to be with you too. brookings institution is a very respected organization. do you think hague sell a good pick? >> yeah, i tend to think he is. although i will say right up front is i think tough questioning of the type that mitch mcconnell talked about is entire
that has managed to keep its peace with israel for a substantial period of time. and by and large we haven't seen much activity except in the fights between hamas and israel, and ands he bu la and israel. so we are definitely very much invested in the situation in egypt, and in a peaceful egypt that we can continue to cooperate with. >> jennifer: right. we certainly do want to see a peaceful egypt. you could give in coming secretary of state john kerry advice, what would you say to him? >> i think the course that has been chartered bisek tear clinton and president obama participate, in terms of dealing with president morsi have been a very, very wise course and i think we have seen that particularly in light of the events that occurred around the attack on the american embassy in cairo during the same time there was an attack in benghazi. and by and large this strategy of accepting morsi as president is the only way america can go in this reward. we can't afford to lose another country to the islamists, and we did with iran in 1979. however, the only thing i am
. >> jennifer: so we saw the same sentiment emerge in israel's elections this week too. the electorate pushed back against conservative benjamin netenyahu. and a new leader gave voice. >> [ inaudible ] these are generations left because of israel's middle class can no longer survive the economics. >> jennifer: his party won the second-most seats after netenyahu's. so this movement really does seem to have some legs and not just in the middle east. we're seeing similar concerns in china. there a boom in highly educated young people has significantly changed the work force in china in the last decade. china now has 11 times as many college students as it did in 1999. and while that sounds like good news, the economy hasn't produced enough white collar jobs, so many of those graduates are unemployed, and wages are stagnated, so this is the challenging new world john kerry is going to face. good news is there is no one more prepared to face it. joining us from skype is zbigniew brzezinski. he is a counselor and trustee at the senator for strategic and international studies.
trouble for tonight's show. what is on tonight. >> we'll bring in the counsel general for israel to talk about their elections. what does it mean for israel and perhaps iran. and then couple of other conversations that are interesting. the person running in jesse jackson's district a republican who happens to be african american, and we'll talk to him about the gun violence in chicago as well as other topics. and someone who is an undocumented immigrant but is a lawyer here or wants to be a lawyer here, and has passed the bar here in california. how immigration will affect him. >> jennifer: okay, cenk i couldn't hear anything you said because i was looking at your haircut. does you have the george clooney thing going on? >> oh, yeah, this has george clooney written all over it. [ laughter ] >> jennifer: all right. now the best of the rest. the violence against women act comes up for vote in the senate next week. it's expected to pass with brood bipartisan support. but the question is does it have a chance of making it through the house? last year the act expired for th
. that's the main issue on the u.s.-israel agenda. >> michael: it seems like he's not someone to weaken, and he doesn't seem like he's going to change just because he lost a few seats. before we say goodbye jeannine, we're on the eve of hillary clinton testifying on bengahzi tomorrow. what do we expect from that, and do we expect any kind of tarnish to the image that hillary clinton, especially going forward because we know what the next step probably will be for her. >> given that democrats are already beginning to raise money for her for 2016 it's hard for me to imagine a scenario where she'll fumble that badly tomorrow. she's going to be grilled about what she knew when and the unfolding of the attacks on the u.s. mission in libya on september 11th, and the remarks by our u.s. ambassador susan rice and whether it was a terrorist attack or not a terrorist attack, but i expect the tone to be different than we would imagine it being if she had testified before she fell ill. she only has a couple of days before senator kerry is expected to take over. i can see republicans going a little
. the first was from this week in israel has started running this ad of the president to get you to tune into their -- their coverage of the election, and i'm tuning into someone to keep me up to date, it is not someone who is thinking that people in america are still listening to boom boxes on their shoulder. >> jennifer: exactly. but he is also selling things like fast-food. >> yes, honk congress kfc had run thissed a for the president, and it involved a look-alike of the president. and a rogue fast food entree >> jennifer: you got it. [ cheers ] >> change not only for america, but the whole world, not only for your mom, but for you, your stomach, for better taste. [ speaking foreign ] >> change is good. [ cheers ] >> jennifer: that is insane. that is totally insane. >> the president of the united states was just crushed by a fish sandwich. it should be noted that kfc released a statement this was men as a spoof and clearly the president made it out okay to enjoy the fish sandwich. now benton is an italian clothing line. an
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)